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EZCodes Help

In an effort to improve customer service, ASL has implemented a feature commonly referred to as EZCodes. EZCodes are a short hand, simple way of referring to everyday products (usually pipe and fittings) that make them simple to find. Using EZCodes, our wholesale counter staff can quickly key orders for standard fittings without memorizing long, complicated part numbers or searching for them on the computer.

With a bit of practice, ASL Online users can take advantage of this valuable feature to quickly find everyday products in our online catalogue.

How EZCodes Work

EZCodes are made up of a product's dimensions followed by its type. For example, the EZCode for a 1/2 Copper 90° Elbow is 12C90. As you can see, the EZCode contains only numbers and letters. All other characters (like the "/" in "1/2") are dropped.

Not all products have EZCodes, but those that do show them on the product's screen:

EZCodes Notes

Common Examples

Common Fitting Materials

Reducing Fittings

When trying to find a reducing fitting, you will need to add all sizes to the beginning of the shortcode, followed by the material type, followed by an R for reducing. Lastly, add the fitting type.

Examples of reducers:

How to Read a Tee

The diagram below shows a reducing tee. Read the two end sizes first (called the 'run' of the T) with the larger size going first, then the branch of the T last.

Examples in different material types:

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