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Product Search Help

The portal search engine is an intuitive tool that will help you find and also suggest products that will help you with your ordering or quoting needs.

How to use it

When trying to locate a product, you have a few ways to search for products. You can search for products by category from the Main Page. If you hover over the "Products" menu, the secondary list will come up and you can hover over the categories on the left of the screen to show more categories. This allows you to go directly to the category you would like to see.

You can also click on the "Products" menu to bring up pictures of sub-categories. When you click on a Category, it will bring you to a Sub-Category if there is one.

Another way to search is to type a term into the search bar at the top of the home page and watch the search engine suggest search terms for you. This could be a word, sku number, part ID or EZ Code. To know more about EZ codes see our EZ Code help Document. Hit ENTER, click on a suggestion or click the magnifying glass to begin your search.

If you know a partID, EZCode or SKU that’s great. If not, try different terms that might appear in the description. If you can search within a category, it will narrow your results. Make sure you select “All Categories” when searching the entire product catalogue.

Once you search for an item, you will see a list view with small pictures to allow you to compare items and choose whether to add to cart, add to a list or quote or mark as a favorite.

If you were to choose GRID view, you will see bigger pictures so it is easier to view and choose which product you are looking for and choose whether to add to cart, add to a list or quote or mark as a favorite.

You can also add products while Creating a Quote or List, you can search for products by clicking on the "Product" button. This will bring up a field where you can search by Term or Click on Full Category Browser to find and add products. Products will be added as you find them and add to Quote or List.

A feature to utilize for while searching for items is attributes. These will show up on the far left while searching for items. This will allow you to refine your search. Every category has different attributes to help you find what you are looking for.

Once you have found a product and are located on the product info page, you will see items that relate to the item you found. This could be a different color, tank to go with a bowl, additional items required for installation and much more.