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Quick Order Help

The Quick Order feature is designed to make it easy for you to order items when you know the EZ Code or SKU and a quantity. This is especially useful when you are importing an order from some other system.

How to use it

At the top right corner of the Portal Home page, you will find the "Quick Order" button

Quick Order allows you to enter multiple SKUs or EZ Codes quickly by entering it by FORM ENTRY or by PASTING A CSV.

From the FORM ENTRY or PASTE CSV, you can either Add to Saved Quote, Add to New Quote, Add to Saved List, or Add to New List.

A CVS (Comma Separated Value) file is a file format that can be exported from a wide variety of programs including Microsoft Excel and many common bidding and planning packages.

By Adding to The Cart with either way of entry you will come to this screen.

You can do a couple things in this screen:

  • Import – Bulk Add from List, Bulk Add from Quote - Add more to your cart using these.
  • Export – Bulk Add to List, Bulk Add to Quote – Add these items to a LIST or QUOTE here.

If you need more entry lines click here. This will give you more lines to be able to enter.