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Lists Help

List allow you to:

  • Quickly view current pricing and regional stock for commonly used products.
  • Organize products that are often used together in a simplified view. There are no markup columns, just basic product information.
  • Include Description and Labor lines to manage commonly quoted jobs (e.g. a standard bathroom quote template).
  • Bulk export an excel list with custom quantities and pricing.
  • Transfer List items to a Quote (with bulk markup options), Cart, or another List.
  • Add Quote or Cart items back to a List.
  • Add previously purchased product lines from Invoices into a List.
  • Produce QR codes based on the list you have created.
  • Order the products from a list as many times as you’d like without having to duplicate a list.

How to use it

At the top of the Portal Home page you will find a button called "LISTS". Click on this to open up the Lists feature.

Once you click on the Lists button you get to the page below. You can either create a new list, edit an existing list or Duplicate a list.

To create a new List, click Create a New Empty List

Type in a List name and click Create New List. From here you can now add products using the product button.

You can also import a list via Add from other List, Add from a Quote or Add from your Cart.

When doing a bulk add, you can use the check box to add or take out products as you see fit. Description, Labour, and Subtotals can be copied as well. Only product lines will be copied to the cart for ordering.

You can add Description, Labour and Subtotal lines here.

You can add products to a List while viewing a search results or while viewing the product info page.

You can Download each list via CSV or download the QR Code Labels for the products in your list.

If you would like to add a single item click on the Cart icon on that line.

If you would like to add the whole list to the cart click on the EXPORT/DOWNLOAD button. Then Bulk Add to Cart